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Who never heard of La Bottine Souriante?

The band first appeared on the Quebec music scene in 1976 and is a living legend of French North American roots music. After several years performing in the standards of the traditional repertoire, the band released the album Je voudrais changer d'chapeau, a first experience of musical fusion. The addition in 1991 of a horn section which started to develop a distinctive sound all its own that successfully allies its hommage to tradition with a dash of jazz, salsa and pure folk, while at the same time perfectly representing the symbol of vitality and pride of its mother culture. Therefore, its popularity exploded and the band radiates both internationally and in Quebec. It is directly into this turbulent energy that La Bottine Souriante sweeps its rapturous public.



La Bottine Souriante:
2010 Winter Olympic Games, Vancouver

Festival Interceltique de l'Orient, 2010


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